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Videos & Presentations

All College Day Welcome, August 23, 2013

Chancellor Lambert talks about the opportunities and challenges facing PCC in the upcoming academic year and beyond.  Additional video presented during the Chancellors talk are linked below.

Video Q and A - June 2013

  1. Why should someone enroll at PCC?  Video
  2. What should people keep in mind regarding accreditation and probation? Video
  3. What made you want to become Chancellor? Video
  4. What are some of the challenges for you coming from Shoreline (Wash.) Community College, a smaller institution than PCC? Video
  5. What are your views regarding student access and student success? Video
  6. How can new technology help PCC achieve its mission? Video
  7. What role can PCC play to promote the economic development of the region? Video
  8. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Video
  9. What qualities and skills must a successful Chancellor possess? Video
  10. Can you describe the relationship between faculty, staff and administrators at PCC? Video
  11. How can the Chancellor affect PCC’s culture? Video