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Gift Management

The Foundation's Investment Committee professionally manages and invests private gifts for long-term growth.

The committee meets at least once quarterly to review the Foundation portfolio in light of current economic conditions.

Prudent procedures that help the Foundation maintain a high standard of trust, effectiveness and accountability include

  • accurate receipts for tax purposes
  • written acknowledgement for each gift
  • distribution of gifts as directed by donors
  • investment of endowed gifts for optimal growth and enduring sources of income for designated programs.

Investment Policy

Investable funds are invested in a manner that produces for the Foundation the optimum return – defined as obtaining the highest return commensurate with an acceptable risk level.

Permanently restricted endowment funds are invested in a strategic allocation designed for long-term growth with moderate risk with an allowable variance of 10 percent.

All short-term temporarily restricted funds are invested in 100 percent fixed-income securities for safety, income and low risk.

The Investment Committee may select professional managers or use pooled funds at its discretion.