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Advanced Aviation Technology


Gain basic skills in general mechanics, airframe mechanics, powerplant or structural repair.

Program/Major/Concentration Codes:  CRTAVIATIONA/AVA/**** (see concentration codes below)

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options: Seek entry-level positions in aircraft building, maintenance and repair.

Academic Options: Continue your studies by take additional courses toward the Aviation Technology AAS degree.

More Information:  Review program costs, student debt, on-time graduation and more [view PDF]

Program Requirements

Program Prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled (with grades posted) before students may begin the program application process.


REA 091  Reading Improvement II with a C or better or reading assessment score at level of REA112


MAT 086 Prealgebra with a C or better or math assessment score at level of MAT 092 or higher




Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation. Choose one of the following concentrations:

Course # Course Title Credits
General Mechanics (Concentration Code: AVMG)
GTM 105 Applied Technical Mathematics 3
AVM 110 Aircraft Blueprint Reading 3
AVM 114 Regulatory Requirements 3
AVM 202 Aviation Safety 3
AVM 205 Motion Dynamics 3
AVM 206 Materials and Processes 3
AVM 207 Weight and Balance 3
AVM 208 Basic Electricity 5
General Mechanics Concentration Subtotal 26

Airframe Mechanics (Concentration Code: AVMF)
AVM 105 Aircraft Sheetmetal Repair 5
AVM 130 Aircraft Composite Repair 5
AVM 209 Intermediate Electricity 5
AVM 218 Airframe Rigging and Landing Gear System 3
AVM 223 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power 3
AVM 224 Atmospheric Controls 3
AVM 225 Fire, Ice, Rain, and Fuel systems 3
Airframe Mechanics Concentration Subtotal 27

Powerplant (Concentration Code: AVMP)
AVM 226 Engine Electrical 5
AVM 228 Aircraft Propellers 3
AVM 229 Engine Support Systems 3
AVM 232 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 5
AVM 233 Turbine Engines 5
AVM 234 Engine Fuel Metering and Operation 5
Powerplant Concentration Subtotal 26

Aviation Structural Repair (Concentration Code: AVMS)
AVM 101 Structural Repair I 4
AVM 102 Structural Repair II 4
AVM 114 Regulatory Requirements 3
AVM 150 Structural Repair III 4
AVM 151 Structural Repair IV 4
AVM 203 Structural Repair V 4
AVM 204 Structural Repair VI 4
Aviation Structural Repair Concentration Subtotal 27
Program Total 26-34