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College Regulations


RG-1101-A: Development of Board Policies, Regulations and Standard Practice Guides

RG-1501-A: Equal Opportunity, ADA, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

RG-1502-A: College Standing Committees, Task Forces, and Faculty and Staff Governance Review Bodies

RG-1504-A: Institutional Effectiveness

RG-1505-A: Sexual Violence

RG-2301-A: Assessment and Development of College Facilities

RG-2302-A: Architect Selection

RG-2303-A: Health and Safety

RG-2303-B: Environmental Management

RG-2402-A: Internal Audit

RG-2412-A: College Travel

RG-2501-A: Operations and Maintenance

RG-2501-B: Key Control

RG-2503-A:  Use of College Facilities

RG-2701-A: Copyright

RG-2702-A: Copyright Ownership

RG-3001-A:  Faculty Standards and Qualifications

RG-3101-A: Assessment of Prior Learning

RG-3104-A: Catalog Information

RG-3105-A: Curriculum Alignment, Unification and Placement

RG-3105-B: Courses

RG-3105-C: Credentials Awarded

RG-3105-F: Honorary Awards

RG-3106-A: Curriculum Development Process

RG-3106-B: Curriculum Standards

RG-3108-A: Grading

RG-3109-A: Graduation with Honors

RG-3110-A: Student Classification and Standing

RG-3116-A: Educational Contract Training and Services

RG-3117-A: General Education

RG-3121-A: Minority Education

RG-3201-A:  Occupational Program External Advisory Committees

RG-3202-A:  Course Materials

RG-3501-A:  Admissions and Registration

RG-3502-D: Record of Student Complaints

RG-3505-A: Student Organizations

RG-3506-A: Limited Enrollment, Selective Admissions Program

RG-3603-A: Disabled Student Resources (DSR) Program

RG-3603-B: Utilization of Service Animals by Individuals with Disabilities

RG-3605-A: Public Access and Expression on College Property

RG-4004-A: Recognition at Board of Governors Meetings

RG-4201-A: Competitive Employment

RG-4201-B: Filling Authorized, Vacant Regular Positions

RG-5502-A:  Fundraising Regulation and Gift Policy

RG-5503-A: Building and Facilities Naming

RG-5602-A: Reporting of Full-Time Student Equivalents (FTSE)

RG-5603-A: Human Subjects Review

RG-5701-A: Communications Responsibility