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Dr. Zelema Harris provides update on Self-Study process

Email sent to PCC employees on January 31, 2014 by Acting Provost Zelema Harris regarding the status of the Self-Study process.


With the Spring semester underway, I want to tell you about the College’s effort to successfully emerge from probation. The Provost’s Office will send emails to all employees on the last Friday of each month with updates of the College’s work towards complying with the standards of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), our accrediting agency.

Timeline of key dates for 2014-15
As you can imagine, 2014 will be a crucial year for the College, and an extremely busy one for the some 250 employees, students and community members who are preparing the Institutional Self-Study, which will detail the College’s performance with regards to the Criteria for Accreditation, which are the standards of quality by which the HLC determines whether an institution merits accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation. Here is a list of milestone dates coming over the next year:

May 1: The deadline for planned remedies to be in place so the College will be in compliance with HLC criteria. Over the past months, the College’s 14 Self-Study Committees have collectively examined evidence and identified areas of compliance and non-compliance.  To address areas of non-compliance, termed “red zones,” action teams have been formed and are tasked with completing their plans to bring the College into compliance by May 1.

May 12: A draft of the Self-Study Report, the document describing in detail the findings of the Institutional Self-Study, will be posted on the Pima Addresses Probation website for the public to review and comment. [Pima Addresses Probation is the central online reference for all matters pertaining to accreditation and probation.] Public comment will be accepted through June 1, giving faculty members 10 Days of Accountability to comment. The College will create a method on the website to accept anonymous comments from the public and members of the College community.  Please note that in a normal Self-Study cycle, the period of time for receiving public comments on the draft document is usually much longer.  The condensed timeline for the project necessitates an expedited public comment period. 

July 31: Deadline for the College to submit the Institutional Self-Study Report to the HLC.

September: The HLC site visit team visits PCC. The visit by a team of educators likely will last 2 to 3 days. We will provide more information about the visit as it approaches.

February 2015: The College receives formal notification of its status by the HLC.

Campus Update Sessions
Watch for HLC update sessions to be held by representatives of the Provost’s Office on each campus and facilities beginning in February.  Additional information on HLC activities and progress will be provided at these sessions along with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Read @PimaNews to learn more about accreditation, probation
Red zones, compliance, criteria – the accreditation process has its own language. Each week, @PimaNews, the College’s electronic employee newsletter, will contain short items providing timely background, context and definitions regarding probation topics, and will provide weekly updates on the process, such as times and dates for the Campus Update Sessions.

Reminder: “Are We There Yet?” Jan. 31
“Are We There Yet?,” an update to the College and the community about the status of our HLC activities, is today, Jan. 31, at the 29th Street Coalition Center, 4355 E. Calle Aurora, from 3:30-5 p.m.  If you cannot attend in person, you can watch a video of the event, which will be placed on the Pima Addresses Probation website next week.

Zelema Harris Ed.D.
Acting Provost
Pima Community College