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Council & Cabinet: Agendas and Minutes

Approved minutes are posted as soon as they are available and are linked from the meeting dates listed below. Agendas and minutes from the 2013-14 academic year are also available.

2014-15 Academic Year



June 30, 2015

I.    Presentation

  • Strategic Plan for Internationalization (Ricardo Castro Salazar)

II.   Action Items

  • Banner Account Deletion Policy (Cindy Dooling & Chris Bonhorst)
  • Replacement Student ID Card Fee (David Bea)

III.   Discussion/Information Items

  • HR Restructure (Alison Colter-Mack)
  • PCC Satellite Campus in Ajo (Erica Holmes)
  • HLC Update (Erica Holmes)
  • Enrollment Management (Erica Holmes)
  • Hiring Justifications and Budget Savings (David Bea)
  • Emergency Quick Reference Guide (Bill Ward)
  • Speeding Alerts (Bill Ward)
  • Accessible Icon (Bill Ward)
  • Construction Process and Issues (Bill Ward)
  • Outstanding Faculty, Staff and Administrator Awards (Dan Berryman)

May 19, 2015

Operational Cabinet

I.     Presentation

  • Advertising Campaign Update (R. Howell & Jan Gordley)

II.   Action Items

  • Post Baccalaureate Teacher Prep course fees (M. Phillips)
  • Prior Learning Task Force (L. Morales)

III. Discussion/Information items

  • Academic Fresh Start (E. Holmes)
  • Revised Cell Phone Plan (D. Bea & C. Dooling)
  • Capital Budget Transfer Process (D. Bea)
  • Administrator Evaluation Process (D. Berryman)

Next Cabinet Meeting

June 16, 2015

April 21, 2015

Operational Cabinet

I.  Action Items

  • Pilot – Shuttle Service Program (Bill Ward)
  • East Campus Practice Football Field (Bill Ward)
  • Lifesize Video System (Cindy Dooling/Rachelle Howell)

II.  Discussion/Information Items

  • Cell Phones (Dave Bea)         
  • Capital Budget Transfer Process (Dave Bea)

Next Cabinet Meeting
May 19, 2015

March 18, 2015

Operational Cabinet

I.   Discussion/Information Items

  • Operationalizing HLC Gantt Chart (Erica Holmes)
  • All campus meeting March 27th (Erica Holmes)
  • Budget update/hiring freeze (David Bea)

 II.  Action Item

  • Recommendations on Committees from Governance Council (Debbie Yoklic)
  • Leadership Survey Follow-up (Debbie Yoklic & Cheryl House)

Feb. 17, 2015

Operational Cabinet

I.   Discussion/Information Items

  • Presentation-Proposed Enrollment Campaign by Gordley Group (Rachelle Howell)
  • Task Force Reports (Debbie Yoklic )
  • Cabinet Survey Results, Fall 2014 (Debbie Yoklic)

II.  Action Item

  • Expenditure Limit Base Reduction FY15 (Dave Bea)

III.  Working Session

  • HLC Response Timeline Presentation to the Board (Erica & Dave)

Jan. 20, 2015

Operational Cabinet

I.    Discussion/Information Items

  • Lactation Room Operating Procedures (C. Fugett & B. Ward)
  • Public Relations/Media Training (R. Howell)
  • Reviewing Strategic Priorities (D. Bea)
  • District Office Security (D. Bea)
  • Security (C. Dooling)
  • Graduate Exit Survey (E. Holmes)
  • #Pima All (E. Holmes)
  • New Compliance Requirements (C. Fugett)
  • Administrator On-Boarding Program (C. Fugett)
  • Draft Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (R. Howell)
  • SPG-3603/BA, SPG-3603/AA, SPG-1501/AF (D. Yoklic & J. Howe)

II.   Action Items

  • Course Fees (D. Bea)
  • Print Management (C. Dooling)
  • Pay-for-Print replacement (C. Dooling)

Dec. 18, 2014

Operational Cabinet

I.          Action Items

  • Google Mail for Employees – Chris Bonhorst (C. Dooling)
  • Differential Tuition (D. Yoklic)

Dec. 2, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

Topic:  Structure and Organization of Chancellor's Cabinet

I.       Overview: What decisions requiring Chancellor involvement; empowering others to make decisions, etc.

II.     Break into small groups and discuss the following questions (20 minutes per question and 10 minutes to report out):

         A.     What should be the criteria which determine which items come to the Chancellor's Cabinet and what criteria should determine which items are placed on the "operational agenda" of the second meeting of Cabinet (during which Lee may not be present)

         B.     What weaknesses and threats should we consider to enable this to happen?  How do we remedy those items which may be impediments to changing our meeting structure?

         C.     How do we improve communication so that items don't fall through the cracks with this new structure?

III.    Lee summarizes and debriefs

Nov. 18, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.          Presentation

  • Customer Value Proposition – Gary Cruze (C. Fugett)
  • Budget Communication Plan (D. Bea)
  • Workforce and Distance Education Update (L. Morales)
  • International Business Plan (L. Albert)

Oct. 21, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.     Discussion/Information Items

  • Title IV Program Review
  • Adjunct Faculty and Temp Employees Task Forces Reports
  • Vacant Executive Administrator Positions
  • Health Concerns

II.   Action Items

  • General Education
  • 2013-14 Standing Committee Recommendations

Oct. 7, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.          Presentation

  • Your Voice, Our Future Project – Town of Oro Valley (L. Lambert)
  • New Benchmarking Results – N. Richmond (L. Lambert
  • Google Mail for Employees Update – C. Bonhorst (C. Dooling)
  • Information Technology Leadership Recommendation (C. Dooling)

II.        Discussion/Information Items

  • Cabinet Meeting Structure and Decision Making Framework (G. Joseph)
  • Title IV Program Review (E. Holmes)

III.       Action Items

  • 2013-14 Standing Committee Recommendations (D. Yoklic)
  • General Education (E. Holmes)

IV.       Chancellor’s Report (L. Lambert)

Sept. 18, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

HLC Debriefing

Sept. 2, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.  Chancellor’s Report (L. Lambert)

  • New Board Member Orientation

II.  Action Items

  • Institutional Climate Steering Group Recommendations (C. Fugett)
  • 2013-14 Standing Committee Recommendations (D. Yoklic)

III.  Discussion/Information Items

  • Records Management Work Group (D. Bea)
  • New/Revised Program Process to Ensure Key Perspectives (J. Silvyn)
  • Confidentiality of Employment Searches (C. Fugett)
  • Federal Contractor Obligations Increasing (C. Fugett)
  • Administrator Step Advancement Plans (C. Fugett)
  • Key/Card Access – Audit (B. Ward)

IV.  Legal and Regulatory Issues (J. Silvyn)

Aug. 19, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.    Presentation

  • Enrollment Management Update – Terry Calloway (R. Howell)

II.   Policies and Procedures

  • SPG-3603/AA: Disabled Student Resources External Advisory Committee (DSREAC) – Jon Howe (D. Yoklic)
  • SPG-1401/AA: Governance Council (D. Yoklic)

III.   Discussion/Information Items

  • Identifying Cost Reduction (D. Bea)
  • Food Service RFP (D. Bea)
  • Emergency APP – College Police (B. Ward)
  • Adjunct Faculty and Temp Employees Task Forces Reports (D. Yoklic)
  • Reorganization of the Information Center (E. Holmes)
  • Survey – Leadership and Supervisor Topics (C. Fugett)

IV.  Chancellor’s Report (L. Lambert)

  • Debrief of Cabinet Retreat
  • Debrief of ACCT Presentation and Health Care Discussion with the Board
  • HLC Visit Preparation

V.    Legal and Regulatory Issues (J. Silvyn)

July 15, 2014

Chancellor's Cabinet

I.  Presentation

  • San Miguel High School – Mrs. Leslie Shultz-Crist (L. Lambert)
  • International Speaker Series – P. Houston, M. Ginter (L. Lambert)
  • Department of Education Program Review – K. Mitchell/T. Benson (L. Lambert)
  • Strategic Plan – Nic Richmond (L. Lambert)
  • Wireless Communication ­– Scott Ferguson (K. McIntosh)

II.  Chancellor’s Report (L. Lambert)

  • Cabinet Retreat
  • AC4 Update
  • HLC Preparations
  • Debrief of Board of Governors Retreat

III.  Discussion/Information Items

  • Proposed Downtown Campus Direction (G. Joseph)
  • Facilities Planning Committee (B. Ward)
  • Emergency APP – College Police (B. Ward)
  • Trane Tour (B. Ward)
  • Identifying Cost Reduction (D. Bea)

IV.  Policies and Procedures

  • SPG-3603/AA: Disabled Student Resources External Advisory Committee (DSREAC) (D. Yoklic)

V.  Legal and Regulatory Issues (J. Silvyn)