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Council & Cabinet: Agendas and Minutes

Approved minutes are posted as soon as they are available and are linked from the meeting dates listed below. Agendas and minutes from the 2014-15 academic year are also available.

2015-16 Academic Year



September 15, 2015

I.    Presentation

  • Facilities Master Plan (Bill Ward/Paulein & Smith Group JJR)
  • EdReady Membership (Erica Holmes/Jeff Thies)

II.   Action Items

  • EdReady Membership (Erica Holmes)
  • Administrative Structure-Next Steps (Lorraine Morales)
  • Standing Committee Recommendations (Erica Holmes for Debbie Yoklic)

III.  Discussion/Information Items

  • Transition to Administrative Procedures (Jeff Silvyn)
  • Communications with Board members (Jeff Silvyn)
  • 21st Century Classroom Innovation Fund (David Doré)
August 24, 2015
  • Payment Plan Changes (Debbie Yoklic & Cecily Westphal)
  • Security (Cindy Dooling & Will McCullen)
  • Retirement Benefits and Adjunct (Gwen Goodman)
  • Copyright (Jeff Silvyn)
  • Denied Reaffirmation for Compton Community College (Erica Holmes)
August 11, 2015
  • ASRS and Affordable Health Care Act (Gwen Goodman)
  • Exempt Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Non-Exempt Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Faculty Employee Evaluation Presentation (Employee Group Reps.)
  • Mission and Vision (Nic Richmond)