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Meeting Video & Presentations

Unedited video of regular Board of Governors meetings normally will be made available within 1 week after the scheduled meeting.  Transcripts and presentations will follow as they become available.

Live Streaming:  View live video streaming of active Board meetings and study sessions.  Live video with captions is also available.

View Board agendas for the date, time and subject of meetings.

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May 2 Special Session: Agenda
Study Session: Agenda  |  Video (Transcript in process)
Study Session Presentations: Meet and Confer: Exempt (ACES) Presentation & Proposals | Nonexempt (AFSCME) Presentation & Proposals | Faculty (PCCEA) Proposals
Apr. 13 Study Session: Video  (Transcript in process)
Regular Session: Video  (Transcript in process)
Study Session Presentations: Mission KPIs | Mission KPIs Report
Regular Session Presentations: Mission KPIs Final Report | HLC Update | Student Success - Voter Registration Drive | Automotive/Mopar - Presentation, Program Overview, Program Flier, Student Brochure
Mar. 28 Study Session: Video  [Transcript in process]
Presentations: HLC Notice Report update presentation, Supplementary material
Mar. 9 Regular Meeting:  Video  (Transcript)
Presentations: CRiA video presentation | Occupational Advisory Committees: Presentation - By Campus | HR Systems Metrics | FY17 Tuition: Presentation - Calculator | HLC Notice Report Timeline | Ethnic Studies Forum | Solar Project Phase 2
Feb. 29 Study Session: Video
Presentations: Automotive Technology | Master Plan Presentation ; Master Plan Analysis
Feb. 22 Study Session
Presentations:  Financial Aid | Budget & Tuition
Feb. 17 Regular Meeting:  Video  [Transcript]
Presentations: FY2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report | Student Engagement Survey | HLC Update
Jan. 13 Regular Meeting:  Video (Transcript)
Regular Meeting Presentations:  Lobbying Update | HLC Update

Board of Governors agendas, packets and minutes are also available online.

Pima Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and educational institution committed to excellence through diversity. Upon request, reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in a timely manner. To request accommodation, please call (520) 206-4539 or fax (520) 206-4567.

Presentations will be initially posted as-received, with an accessible version following as quickly as possible.  Please call (520) 206-4539 or fax (520) 206-4567 with questions or requests.