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PCC Scholarships

Pima Community College, the PCC Foundation and generous donors in our community and across the USA are ready to help you achieve your dreams through their scholarship programs. Scholarships are categorized into several categories:

PCC Institution Scholarships 

Funds that PCC gives to its students. Our two most popular awards are:

Pima Merit Scholarship – Awarded to Pima County graduating seniors who graduate with a 3.5 GPA or better, or GED average test score of 165 or higher. Students must show on their application they have experience with leadership and/or community service. You must be a resident of Pima County, eligible for general (in-state) tuition, and have not already received another tuition waiver or similar form of aid. Students must be enrolled at PCC for the Fall semester immediately following high school graduation. 

Chancellor's Service Scholarship – Awarded to new and returning PCC students that are Pima county residents, and have achieved success both academically and civically. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher at their most recently attended school, and must submit documentation of already completed community service/volunteer work.

You can apply for these scholarships any many more using Academic Works (see additional information in black box on the right).

PCC Foundation Scholarships 

Scholarships that are sponsored by PCC alumni and generous donors throughout Arizona. These funds are applied for in Academic Works (see black box), and monitored by the PCC Foundation.

Outside Donor Scholarships

These are considered to be any scholarship that is not funded by PCC or the PCC foundation. Local AZ Scholarships are scholarships that are offered by local AZ donors/organizations. National Scholarships are scholarships that are offered by National donors/organizations via various Scholarship Search Engines.

Before Applying!

Before applying for any scholarship, be sure to make sure you are not falling victim to any of the numerous scholarship scams. We also have tips to help you win more scholarships. Check out our scam and tips page!

After educating yourself regarding common scholarship scams, it’s time to start researching and applying for scholarships. We suggest you start locally (because there is less competition) and then expand your search nationally. Remember to ask about scholarships when you meet with any groups you are a part of, including employers, social organizations, church groups, and so on.

Once you have been awarded a scholarship, funds will either be sent directly to PCC or directly to you.

  • If it’s sent to PCC, the process starts in our PCC Scholarship Office before the funds are sent to Financial Aid to be posted to your account.
  • If the check is sent directly to you, you may deposit the check in your account, but you must report the aid to the Financial Aid Office.
  • If it is made out to both you and PCC, you must endorse it and turn it into the PCC Scholarship Office so it can be posted to your student account. This process will take 5-10 days from the date we receive it.

Scholarship funds will be held until the first disbursement date of the semester. You will be eligible to receive a disbursement based on your class start dates.

Remember that good manners are important! Any time you receive a scholarship, you should write a Thank You note to the donor. We also suggest you check with your scholarship donor before you drop or withdraw from a class, as this may affect your award and future eligibility.