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Biological and Physical Sciences

Important:  If you are working toward a transfer degree, note that specific degrees may require core or support courses that already fulfill some or all of the AGEC requirements.  Always use your specific degree web page to identify the courses required to earn your degree.

Course # Course Title Credits I/C/G*
ANT 105 /105LB Humanity and the Environment 4 I
AST 101 /101LB
or AST 101IN
Solar System 4   
AST 102 /102LB
or AST 102IN
Stars, Galaxies, Universe 4   
AST 105 /105LB
or AST 105IN
Life in the Universe 4   
BIO 100IN Biology Concepts 4   
BIO 104IN Animal Sexual Behavior 4   
BIO 105IN Environmental Biology 4   
BIO 108IN Plants, People and Society 4 G
BIO 109IN Natural History of the Southwest 4   
BIO 115IN Wildlife of North America 4   
BIO 121IN Current Issues in Human Biology 4   
BIO 127IN Human Nutrition and Biology 4 I
BIO 135IN Genetics, Biotechnology and Human Affairs 4   
BIO 156IN Introductory Biology for Allied Health 4   
BIO 160IN Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology 4   
BIO 181IN General Biology I (Majors) [SUN# BIO 1181] 4    
BIO 182IN General Biology II (Majors) [SUN# BIO 1182] 4     
BIO 183IN Marine Biology 4   
BIO 184IN Plant Biology 4   
BIO 201IH Human Anatomy, Physiology and Histology 5
BIO 201IN Human Anatomy and Physiology I [SUN# BIO 2201] 4   
BIO 202IN Human Anatomy and Physiology II [SUN# BIO 2202] 4   
BIO 205IN Microbiology [SUN# BIO 2205] 4   
CHM 121/121LB
or CHM 121IN
Chemistry and Society 4   
CHM 130 /130LB
or CHM 130IN
Fundamental Chemistry [SUN# CHM 1130] 5   
CHM 140 /140LB
or CHM 140IN
Fundamental Organic and Biochemistry [SUN# CHM 2230] 5   
CHM 151 /151LB
or CHM 151IN
General Chemistry I [SUN# CHM 1151] 5   
CHM 152 /152LB
or CHM 152IN
General Chemistry II [SUN# CHM 1152] 5   
CHM 235 /235LB
or CHM 235IN
General Organic Chemistry I [SUN# CHM 2235] 5   
CHM 236 /236LB
or CHM 236IN
General Organic Chemistry II [SUN# CHM 2236] 5   
ENV 105 /105LB Humanity and the Environment 4 I
FSN 127IN Human Nutrition and Biology 4 I
GEO 101 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate 4   
GEO 102 Physical Geography: Land Forms and Oceans 4   
GLG 101IN Introductory Geology I: Physical Geology [SUN# GLG 1101] 4   
GLG 102IN Introductory Geology II: Historical Geology 4   
GLG 110IN Geological Disasters and Environmental Geology 4
PHY 121 /121LB
or PHY 121IN
Introductory Physics I [SUN# PHY 1111] 5   
PHY 122 /122LB
or PHY 122IN
Introductory Physics II [SUN# PHY 1112] 5   
PHY 210 /210LB
or PHY 210IN
Introductory Mechanics [SUN# PHY 1121] 5   
PHY 216/216LB
or PHY 216IN
Introductory Electricity and Magnetism [SUN# PHY 1131] 5   
PHY 221/221LB Introduction to Waves and Heat 4   

*  Indicates whether course fulfills AGEC requirement for Intensive writing, Cultural diversity and/or Global diversity.